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Mrs S - Jun 17

"There has rarely been a truer word spoken – selling property can – and indeed, does – prove to be a mighty stressful undertaking for all bit the boldest hearted….. I initially chose the ubiquitous ‘internet agent’ route in my endeavours to minimise sale expenditure – but after crafting what I took to be and eye catching ad, yet receiving not the merest whiff of interest in the first critical month, I duly ate humble pie and concluded that I was undoubtedly going to require assistance with this one… which could only mean going with a high street agent, but which one? There are new agents springing up almost weekly, each offering eye-popping, competitive packages aimed at cutting the feet from under countless competitors, even offering rates comparable with or even lower than online deals. Mmmmm! Puzzling, given the overheads allied to maintaining a physical presence in town, with attendant proceri overheads. Must be cutting back somewhere… I wonder if it could be on a real, personal service??? Bit cynical perhaps…. But it doesn’t take Einstein intellect to figure out the kernel of truth in the old adage that essentially, you get what you pay for! So I set about arranging visits from a few local ‘contenders’. Cutting to the chase, from the day that Steve, the Director / Valuer …. visited to value my property to conclusion of sale, I can say, hand on heart that I made the right decision! Steve did not come armed with pie in the sky statistical claims that McDonalds are the best agents in this and any other parallel universe and would be able , without raising a sweat, to sell my property, at full asking price, before it even went live on the ‘net’… No! he came armed with his ‘endearing sound northern common sense’ attitude and laid back assurance, borne out of years of local agency experience, and gave a valuation which he supported by the production of an array of brochures of local and comparable properties, to prove he wasn’t feeding me any porkies! …. No disingenuous, comforting ‘telling me what I wanted to hear’ in order to convince me to go with his agency… just the facts’’’ and a sober presentation of the statistics showing their sales success within the area. The message conveyed was we’re good – not desperate for business’. His confidence was not in any way misplaced. And notable he maintain professional dignity… other agents had exhibited almost embarrassing /amusing ‘desperation’ to take my property on their books, whereas Steve’s approach was more ‘look we’d love to market this for you… but the choice is yours’. Decision made – I was sold! And soon after so was my property! From Steve’s great photography, which really did justice to my property and created a brochure that I would have been proud to have produced, to the stream of viewings that ensued as a result of their marketing efforts, the sterling service-with-a-smile with which I was invariably treated during my many trips to the office, the useful feedback and timely updates during the sales process… all convinced me that McDonalds are a hard act to follow. The service from Siobhan, my appointed property manager and Manager Shirley, the branch manageress was impeccable. Without these girls, the journey to Sales-Land would have been a cold, stressful and lonely one! Siobhan has been perennially delightful to deal with – utterly professional with a reassuring calm demeanour, relaxed and helpful approach and genuine warming smile. I enjoyed our many chats immensely. Shirley is quite simply a force of nature…. I’ve a sneaking suspicion that she is the archetypal ‘Super-Woman’ exuding efficiently on steroids!. A failed sale in the early weeks, which threatened to seriously disrupt my equilibrium, didn’t faze Shirley one bit…. She’s been there before. She calmly assured me that they would continue to market the property and get more potential buyers through the door…. And my buyer would eventually appear. And sure enough, these proved not to be hollow, well-worn words of re-assurance, as the viewings continued almost immediately in a steady stream until my eventual buyer appeared only a month or so later! She is also amazing at chasing up that which needs to be chased and keeping you abreast of proceedings… whilst maintain her calm professionalism even in the face of stressed-out-strops from certain clients… Who? Moi?? Having now thankfully sold at a price, in the current market, I despaired of achieving, I can only express my sincere and heartfelt thanks to the team at McDonalds, for helping me to achieve my sales …. I purchased thigh McDonald, and sold through McDonalds and my experience has been positive all the way. Do I recommend these guys?... cue a song! ‘Oh McDonalds sold my house – eeh I’m tickled pink’."

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